The Veal Mini Burger

Not the usual Burger

Give a touch of joy and creativity to your recipes: with Veal Mini Burgers you can create delicious finger food with sauces and vegetables.

The Veal meat, tender and delicate, is even more appetizing in a "mini" format and the gluten-free ingredients make the Mini Burgers a suitable food for all diets.

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Italian excellence

Only veal from calves born, reared and selected in Italy.

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Extra freshness

In vacuum-packed bags for the perfect preservation and freshness of meat.

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With Veal Mini Burgers you can create appetizing and creative dishes.

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Good and healthy

Veal is lean, high quality and allows to reach the daily protein requirement in a balanced way.

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Certified supply chain

Products from an integrated supply chain with certified traceability.

Gulten free

Gluten free

Only gluten free ingredients.